Friday, May 24, 2013

Operation 50th Wedding Anniversary Dress, Revisited

I have neglected following up on my shopping exploits. It has been a few weeks since I purchased what I THINK is the dress. I even found a pair of shoes, which usually seals the deal for me. Here are some pictures:

Kate Spade Solar Trisha Dress

I'm delighted to say I did not pay $300 for it. I am sad to say I still paid about 1/2 that. I'm also still unsure about it. I'm debating if I need to add some fabric to the neckline. It's OK, but I wish it was a little more covering. I might find some white lace and have a tailor do some alterations just so I don't have to worry. Or I might find something else that doesn't make me slightly uneasy and take this back. Here's a better close-up of the print:

The print strikes me as bright & summery, so I like that. It certainly wasn't that common among all the dresses I was finding. All other dresses I was seeing were either black, mostly black, or neon.  And I think the aquamarine is close enough to a pastel to accommodate my family's request. I told them we were doing aquamarine for our color. And here are the shoes:

 I'm happy to say, regardless of the fate of the dress, these shoes aren't going anywhere. I love them. I'm trying not to wear them too much right now so they still look new for the party. It's difficult.

Thoughts? Ciriticisms?


  1. I *love* the shoes! That color is really one of my favorites. And I'm with you on the dress. I like it. I like the pattern. The neck *is* pretty open, but it's still nice. I would probably want to be slightly more covered up, but that's just me.


  2. You looked fantastic in glad you kept it. I wish you had got to wear the shoes..although you did have some other rather gorgeous ones ! Worth every penny I say and the neckline looked great, did you alter it? cos it seemed perfect !

  3. Thanks Rachel! I didn't do anything with the neckline. And I was playing a little bit with my garment neckline as a result, as I suspected I might, but I still really like the dress. The shoes got swapped out due to my very "creative" tanline on my neck -- I had to wear a necklace to hide it and the shoes looked not as good when I did that. But I still get to wear them! :) And I'd say the same about you! You looked amazing and that picture you and Gerry is magazine-worthy. You guys are such a gorgeous couple. And I dare say your accessories (aka the twins, sebbie, theo, nathaniel) were much more fetching than mine. :) What a gorgeous family.